Manuela Furci & Kerry Oldfield Ellis

The Rennie Ellis Photographic Archive was established in April, 2004, eight months after the sudden death of one of Australian's most prolific and gifted social documenters, Rennie Ellis.

Rennie Ellis, photographer and author, who with his images and words has taunted, titillated and tickled our collective fancies for years, has left behind a treasure trove of over half a million images spanning over three decades.

Ellis' photography has concentrated on documenting both popular culture and the demi-monde and examining Australia as a hedonistic society. In his own intuitive way he was committed to capturing on film those moments in time that offer insights into the human condition.

It is our objective to ensure that this significant body of work is preserved and celebrated. We are committed to making Rennie's photographs available through the release of posthumous limited edition photographs, exhibitions in public and private galleries, major publications and as an educational resource for all.

The Archive has released limited in edition photographs of some of Rennie's signature images. These have been selected from our numerous Collections; The Beach, Kings Cross, Nude, Portraiture, Fashion and Decadence, to name a few. View Collections

The significance and social historical importance of the images within the Archive that document a range of dynamic cultures and sub-cultures in Australia and overseas, from the late 60s and spanning over three decades , will only be realised as time goes by.