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Mirror on a society reinventing itself

28 August 2013

Rennie Ellis compulsively documented Australian social life for 40 years. The State Library of Victoria holds almost a half a million of his photographs. When Ellis died in 2003, aged 62, he left a mock-up of a long-planned book subtitled "An experience of the seventies in Australia". Decade:...

Topless Turvy Times of Rennie Ellis

10 February 2012

HE COULD charm a girl's clothes off but three women who loved maverick Melbourne photographer Rennie Ellis say he was far from a sleaze. ''He could walk into a room and it was just whoosh - off would come the tops!'' fashion designer and friend of Ellis, Jenny Bannister, hoots with laughter...

Mossgreen Gallery gives a fresh vantage on a series of images by the late photographer Rennie Ellis, renowned for his candid deptiction of Australian life

8 February 2012

This is the Show affirms the title for the upcoming exhibition opening at Mossgreen Gallery this Friday. Drawing on more than 40 years worth of work from the Rennie Ellis photographic archive, the images on show centre around personal identity and that age-old subject of the elusive beauty of the...

Times a-changin' caught on camera

20 October 2011

The 1970s heralded the opening of Australia's first gallery of photography. IN 1972, Australia was a heady place: it was a time of social and political upheaval, of experimentation and transgression, and of newly won freedoms. Women's liberation was on the rise, Germaine Greer's bawdy battle cry...

Brummels Exhibition at Monash Gallery of Art

19 October 2011

In 1972, maverick ad-man and photographer Rennie Ellis launched Australia’s first dedicated photography gallery, Brummels, on Toorak Road. Some of the works that were shown at Brummels during its eight years of existence, including by Ashton, Jerrems, Talbot, George Gittoes, David Moore,...

'Brummels Lives! Planetary news, digital silver printing, McCullin's words and Fujifilm's X10

18 October 2011

The Spirit of Brummels - and Rennie Ellis - endures. Monash Gallery of Art are mounting a survey of the content and enduring influence of Brummels photography gallery (arguably Australia's first - the Australian Centre for Photography would open a year later, in 1973). Brummels paved the way for...

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