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Queen City of the South: Gay and Lesbian Melbourne

1 May 2011

Latrobe Journal 87
Paperback, 200 Pages, Published 2011

Queen City of the South: Gay and Lesbian Melbourne presents a history that will be new to many readers. Using archives, remembrance, experience and reflection, the various contributors bring new insights to our knowledge and understanding of Melbourne. The articles in this special issue of the La Trobe Journal cover both historical and contemporary subjects, including naked saints; homosexual eroticism in nineteenth century photography; gay subculture in the interwar years; the relationship between the two female pastoralists, Anne Drysdale and Caroline Newcomb; the 1970s as the decade of Gay Liberation, including memoirs and a portfolio of photographs taken by Rennie Ellis during Gay Pride Week in 1973; an account of how museums and libraries are now dealing with LGBT related material; and various other essays. This volume is a fascinating mix of information and analysis, investigation and reminiscence, and is an invaluable addition to our knowledge of this fabulous city!

“…. photos from the Rennie Ellis Photographic Archive represent a remarkably important record of Gay Pride Week in Melbourne in 1973. In the first place, the pictures are unique – not even the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives has any significant images of that memorable week. And, equally important, Ellis has captured in a few shots a sense of the variety of politics at work. From a protest march through the streets, to Gordon Doak and his one-man banner, to the picnic in the park which so unsettled the police. And he captures, too, the playful use of graffiti and the playful-serious use of radical drag to challenge gender norms. Here we really do see how pictures may indeed tell thousands of words”

(extract from an article by Graham Willett p.89 ) 

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